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Trade Mark Registration

Classic Tender is one of the leading consultancies for Trademark Registration in Ahmedabad. We have legal team for Trade Mark Registration who keeps themselves updated with any changes related to Trademark Act, Rules or Regulations and to support our clients we provide full consultation from document collection to Registration delivered at your doorstep. Trademark is considered to be an asset for the company. Hence, it is very important to obtain a trademark registration to create an identity for the company.

Trade mark registration gives the proprietor the right to exclusive use of the mark in respect of the goods or services covered under it. Possibly the most important reason for registration of a trade mark is the powerful remedies against unauthorized use.

A trade mark registration allows the proprietor to sue for infringement and to obtain very powerful remedies such as interdict, delivery up infringing articles and damages.

Trademark Registration Consultants Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

At the same time, the trade mark infringement provisions do not preclude a person. Following the norms prescribed by Government of India, trademarks registration services also help in getting approval of mark, which can be in any form of letter, signature, name, brand, logo, slogan, shape of goods, device, label, ticket, packaging or combination of colours or sounds marks.

We are here to assist you in the entire proceedings related to trademark registration. If you want that your visual symbols get easily approved by the trademark office then take instruction from our legal experts.

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