Vendor Registration Services

Classic tenders aspire to build strong relationships with the people they interact or do business with for various projects executed anywhere within India or abroad. With experience and specialists, we have developed centralized platform for vendor registration services so that our active vendors can be at ease.

Vendor registration is the process of collecting crucial information from outside suppliers of goods and services they are actively selling and entering that information into a system to manage the relationship with them. Government E-Marketplace is a portal to facilitate online procurement of goods and services required by various government departments, organizations and public sector undertakings in India.

GeM has been introduced to enhance transparency in government purchases, improve efficiency and speed up the procurement. The registration system used is typically electronic or web-based but can be handled through a paper process also. Registration is used as a threshold requirement to separate vendors who are eligible suppliers and those who are not. The procedure of vendor registration starts with submitting details through the vendor information form. Vendors who are interested in the registration process can fill up the form or contact us as we are available 24/7 to provide them with our support and service.

Vendor Registration Consultants Ahmedabad


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